5月から6月にかけて、カナダ・モントリオールで行われた米国比較教育学会で発表、韓国での4日間のフィールドワーク、アメリカはカリフォルニアのPomona CollegeでASPACという会議に参加して個人で研究発表、7月はじめには京都で行われた日本「アジア英語」学会で共同研究の発表を行いました。7月はあとゼミでの発表を残し、これで長かった発表月間は一区切り。あとは今月中に論文を一本と書評を一本書いて、8月の香港行きに備えます。

One for One

I bought a pair of TOM’s wedge sandal in Canada. Hope one pair of shoes to someone in need.


Come back from Canada, Montreal and going to Korea again from 16th to 21st.
More interview to the international students in SNU, KU and Yonsei University.
Let me know if you are or you know anyone who are studying International Programs taught in English as a medium of instruction and regular international student from Japan, China or ASEAN 10 countries.

Contact me through twitter, facebook, blog (all linked on the top of this website) or saereal[a]gmail.com

Without Japan, Homeless

I am back from my research trip in Seoul at 26th March.
Bought a new pair of glasses. This changed my sight of this world.


Update my blog:
The Length of my Worries – For my Imagined Community in Japan

Incoming presentation at academic conferences:
April, CIES @Canada
June, ASPAC @United States
June, JCES @Japan

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The last day in Bangkok

My stay in Bangkok with Kuroda GP’s students is almost in the end. I had a lot of fun with my zemi friends, especially the nights we spent in 2621 (Savong & Lekak’s room). Through this stay, I came to realize that unity in diversity is really difficult thing to do.

Thank you for Kamon, Pong, Bean and Hem, my dear Thai friends for their warm welcome and I will see you guys soon in Bangkok!

Welcome to saereal

This website has just launched today. (2011/2/19)

I am heading to Bangkok, Thailand for SEAMEO RIHED & JICA’s conference and visiting for UNESCO & UNICEF regional offices and ASEAN University Network.

Oversea research
2011/2/19 – 2011/3/1 Bangkok, Thailand
2011/3/6 – 2011/3/26 Seoul, South Korea